Upper Elementary

Upper Elementary Curriculum

Language Arts

Language Arts is an umbrella-term for classes having to do with subjects based around the English language, reading, writing, and spelling. Since these are foundational skills, a large amount of time is devoted to Language Arts each day. We use the Spelling You See curriculum for spelling class, and the Pathways program combined with reading and writing workshops for writing and reading.
For the NAD grade-level standards, please refer to this link: http://www.nadeducation.org/client_data/files/723_languageartsk8.pdf



Math is another foundational skill, and we work hard on developing essential skills such as reasoning and computation. My program is tailored to the individual so that each student can accelerate as much as possible each year. I use a modified flipped classroom approach with videos created by me along with Go Math!, Big Ideas Math, Khan Academy, IXL, Teaching Textbooks, and Singapore. For NAD grade-level standards, please refer to this link: http://www.nadeducation.org/client_data/files/725_mathematicsk12.pdf


The first class of every day is Bible. We study the stories and themes of the bible, as well as great men and women of God in historical and current times. Scripture memorization is important, so students learn a new verse every week. We also strive to incorporate Christian service into our Bible curriculum including presentations at church, community service projects, and leading out in morning meeting. It is our goal to use Bible class to help each child develop a personal relationship with God.
For NAD grade-level standards, please refer to this link: http://www.nadeducation.org/client_data/files/729_religionk12.pdf



Science tends to be a project-based class. We use the By Design science curriculum, and over the course of the year areas of study include life science, physical science, health, and earth science.
For NAD grade-level standards, please refer to this link: http://www.nadeducation.org/client_data/files/730_sciencek8.pdf

Social Studies

In Social Studies, we learn about world history, state history, or US history, depending on the year. Government and geography are studied as well. Many times learning goals are achieved through project-based learning.
For NAD grade-level standards, please refer to this link: http://www.nadeducation.org/client_data/files/1147_2005nadsocialstudiescurriculumguide013105corrected07132010.pdf


The Arts

Choir and music appreciation is taught twice a week, and art class occurs once a week. We often add additional instruction in ukulele or other instruments. Private music lessons are available as well.
For NAD grade-level standards, please refer to this link: http://www.nadeducation.org/client_data/files/719_fineartsk8.pdf


iPads are used daily in the classroom to conduct research, online learning, and as a tool to aid in many classes. Students learn to use technology within the other classes and become proficient in word processing, creating presentations, and working with pictures and video. Internet safety and typing are also taught.


Physical Education

We have PE every day, during which a variety of skills are practiced. Team games are learned, as well activities to improve coordination, balance, and cardiovascular condition.
For NAD grade-level standards, please refer to this link: http://www.nadeducation.org/client_data/files/728_physicaleducationk12.pdf

Recommended Books

Parenting and teaching are topics that don’t just happen without advice from the experts. I love to read and often stumble across books that I think everyone, both parents and teachers, should read. I have included a few books here that I highly recommend. Please plan to read at least one of these books this year. They may change the way you see your kids and provide you with terrific strategies to grow your children into the loving, Christ-centered and academically talented, global citizens that you will be proud of. If you wish, I will even lend you my copy.

Mindset: The New Psychology of Success


How Children Succeed


The Leader in Me