Kindergarten Curriculum


Prayer and worship are included in our schedule on a daily basis. Each year our Bible Curriculum works through the Bible from beginning to end using both Bible stories and true-to-life stories to illustrate God’s plan of salvation and His great love for us His children. I enjoy singing Bible songs and doing various Bible activities with the children to further enhance their understanding of Biblical principles. Weekly memory verses are also an important part of our curriculum. In addition to class worship, we join with the rest of the school for a weekly chapel service where we sing together and sometimes have special guest speakers, often a local SDA pastor.



This year your child will have the opportunity to build mathematical concepts by manipulating objects and through real life experiences. Mathematics is incorporated into many everyday classroom routines, including our morning calendar. Concepts your child will be learning include counting, patterning, organizational skills such as sorting, classifying, graphing, making comparisons, number concepts, and addition and subtraction. Concepts will be introduced in whole group instruction, individual math computer lessons, and math centers.

Language Arts

Our literacy program has several components designed to foster reading skills, develop an understanding of the concepts of print, and left-to-right reading progression. We use books containing text that rhymes, repetitive or predictable; the children read and reread familiar stories. Because of the rhyming, repetitive, or predictable text, the students quickly remember the stories and are easily able to join in reading with the group.

In addition, your child will be presented writing activities to help him/her learn letters, words, numbers, and kinds of sentences. Children build upon the hierarchy of letters as parts of words and words as parts of sentences. Focus Skill lessons provide brief introductory instruction for skills in the following categories: Oral language, viewing, grammar, vocabulary, writing, and study skills.

I enhance our literacy program with the Riggs program, which emphasizes writing, learning the first 55 phonograms, and spelling words. Many Kindergarten children during the second half of our school year are ready to begin reading leveled books.


Science/Social Studies

During the course of the year our themes may explore subjects such as Plants, Space, Native Americans, Oceans, Rainforests, and Community Helpers. We read books on the subject, do experiments and projects, make our own books, go on field trips, and perhaps do a worksheet or two.

PE, Music, Art, and Technology

SAA is fortunate to have teachers that are willing to pull out the kindergarteners for daily afternoon specials. Mrs. Neri teaches Music twice a week. She also prepares us for singing at the various local SDA churches which is a part of your child’s music grade. SAA puts on two whole-school music programs each year one for Christmas and a final Spring program. Ms. Rhonda teaches PE, Art, and Technology on a regular basis.


Field Trips

We will be going on various field trips throughout the year to enhance the learning of our various themes. All interested homeschoolers will also be invited to join us. The school requires each student to wear a special SAA field trip t-shirt that is to be worn on these learning adventures. This is a safety issue because the children are so much easier to keep together and for me to keep track of them in a crowd!

Technology in the Classroom

Our classroom has six computers and five iPads, for our exclusive use. We use this technology to reinforce reading readiness, math, science, and social studies skills, using programs such as,, Kidpix, along with numerous learning apps.