Experiential Education

Springs Adventist Academy embraces the concept of learning by doing, both within and beyond the classroom. Our students build self-confidence, strength of character, leadership skills, and an active joy in learning about God’s creation through these experiences.

We believe that every experience can lead to more Christlike students. These experiences promote authentic collaboration, communication, creativity, and critical thinking through projects both within and beyond the classroom. Our students are building 21st-century skills that will prepare them for the future, both as citizens of this world and of God’s kingdom.

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Local Adventures

Students learn by doing and the students at SAA do a lot. Each year is different but examples of field trip destinations and activities include the following:

  • Bear Creak Nature Center
  • Bowling
  • Buell Children’s Art Museum
  • Butterfly Museum in the Denver area
  • Cliff Dwellings
  • Cheyenne Mountain Zoo
  • Denver Aquarium
  • Denver Museum of Natural Science
  • Fire Department
  • Fountain Creek Nature Center
  • Garden of the Gods Climbing Adventure
  • Garden of the Gods Visitors Center
  • Happy Apple Farm
  • Ice skating
  • Local business tours
  • Olympic Training Center
  • Pikes Peak Center – various performances
  • Planetarium at Mitchell High School
  • Police Department
  • Pumpkin Patch
  • Recycle Center
  • Red Mountain—physical education and spiritual emphasis
  • The Manitou Incline—physical education project
  • Western Stock Show, Denver In Class/School
  • Chapels hosted by pastors and others
  • Dental hygiene visits
  • KRDO Weather Team
  • Police officer visits
  • Safety House

Extended Expeditions

Feast of Lights

Students in 2nd through 6th grade travel to Denver to practice and perform with a children’s choir in December. This adventure includes a one- or two-night stay, practice with a children’s choir, and the experience of singing with an orchestra and an adult choir before a genuine audience. Beyond the curriculum, however, are life skills of cooperation, patience, resilience, and self-confidence.

Music Festival

Students in 5th through 8th grade travel to Loveland, CO, to participate in a music festival including choir, handbells, and band. Students gain knowledge and skills from professional clinicians, work with high school mentors, participate in art, drama, and athletics, and perform in front of a large crowd. The three nights and three days away from home push students to engage, build relationships, and practice independence in a safe environment.

Washington, DC Experience

Students in 5th through 8th grade travel to Washington, DC for six days and five nights of history at our nation’s capital. This trip becomes a project because students develop communication skills as they work to raise money through various activities that require them to talk with or write to adults. They help plan the trip, participate in social studies as preparation to visit the nation’s capital, journey to and from Washington, DC, and create a digital photo biography of their experiences.

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Classroom and School Projects

DSC_0083Fall Fest

Small PBLs

Students become leaders and develop 21st-century skills by experiencing things that are bigger than themselves. Projects or Project-Based Learning experiences (PBLs) are a big part of the development of students at Springs Adventist Academy. Small projects are a regular classroom activity. Students participate in STEM projects, work in learning groups, take part in morning meetings, perform individually and in groups for large audiences, and much more. These activities nurture the whole student, spiritually, physically, emotionally, and intellectually.

Larger PBLs

Students work diligently at larger projects that provide life experience, teach self-confidence, encourage independent thinking, and develop leaders. Here are a few examples of our larger projects:


This event includes speeches, poems, and storytelling. Students perform selections but also delve into history, reading, writing, and art to present a project based on a theme. Students paint pictures, write book reviews, design presentations, and perform recitations for a live audience.

Christmas Program

The whole school comes together to put on a Christmas program or concert. Students learn songs, memorize lines, play instruments, wear costumes, and help to set up the gymnasium.

Partnering for Eternity

This is a community project that impacts students, their families, and the elderly as students who participate spend time weekly with a person of advanced years. This is a win-win for everyone involved.

Washington, DC Trip

(see “Extended expeditions” above)