Welcome to SAA

Welcome to Springs Adventist Academy! You have chosen to include us in an important part of your child’s life, their education. We want you to know that we take this responsibility very seriously. It is our prayer that your child will become more resilient, take on greater challenges, learn to love learning, and grow closer to Jesus while they are attending Springs Adventist Academy. We are confident that you are choosing one of the best schools in Colorado Springs. Our small school model is part of what makes us successful and we are excited that you have chosen to be part of our school family.


Tuition Breakdown and Options

Our tuition rates have remained low because of the generosity of Central SDA Church. Many parents find additional tuition assistance through our local Scholar’s Fund as well as through other available grants and programs. These include the following: PFE (Partnering for Eternity), The Scrip Program, and ACE (The Alliance for Choice in Education). We pledge to make Adventist, Christian education affordable to every committed family.

Application Fee $100 New Students Only
Enrollment Fee $50 Current Students Only
Registration $350 All Students
Tuition (per month for 10 months) $400 Grades K-8
 Tuition (per month for 10 months) $600  Pre K (4 year olds)
Half-Day Kindergarten $285 For Kindergarteners attending until Noon

Multi-student discounts, pre-paid tuition discounts, and other discounts may apply.

To begin the application process, please do the following:

  1. Contact the school and schedule an interview and school tour.
  2. Complete application and registration information given out at the interview.
  3. Apply for tuition assistance through FACTS (only if you wish for tuition assistance).
  4. Meet with the school treasurer or his designee and discuss financial options (only if you wish for tuition assistance).
  5. Payments can be made directly to the school or through the school website by clicking the “Pay or Donate” tab.

Download Registration Documents

Why Choose Springs Adventist Academy?

Why choose a small school?  One of the advantages of Springs Adventist Academy is its small class size.  Students in small classes benefit from the following key advantages:

Individualized Instruction

Students receive individualized instruction every day. Because of a low student-to-teacher ratio, teachers can take the time to meet each child’s learning needs. Learning is differentiated so that each student is appropriately challenged.

Teacher Availability

Teachers make it a priority to be available to both students and parents, even after school hours.  Parents appreciate how SAA teachers are just a text, phone call, or visit away.  Due to the multi-grade setting and teacher availability, strong relationships are built between parents, teachers, and students over time.

Leadership Opportunities

In a small school, there are many leadership opportunities. Whether a student is helping another one during class, leading a small group in discussion, taking part in morning meeting, or participating in a church presentation, students are always learning to lead and learning to take on challenges.

Field Learning Opportunities

Valuable real-world experience can be gained through taking trips outside of the classroom. Small class sizes allow for frequent supplementation of the curriculum through field experiences. We take field trips regularly during the year. Many of our trips are local but some are far away. Examples of our trips include the following: a visit to the weather station, the Western Stock Show in Denver, the Manitou Cliff Dwellings, hiking in the Rockies, visiting an assisted living community, and doing a social studies tour of Washington DC. Working outside of the classroom exposes students to new experiences and challenges; resulting in students who think critically and understand the world that God has given them and their role in taking care of it.

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